Sunday, April 1, 2012

Old Earth Creation (OEC), is it Biblical?

Is the OEC view Biblical?
(By 'Biblical' I mean by accurate exegesis of the scriptures alone)

4 reasons why I don't believe the OEC view is biblical:

1. The Scriptures (66 books of the bible) do not support a 4.5 byo earth/creation

2. The Hebrew word "yom" which could mean 'a long period of time' but is always means 'day' when accompanied by a number, cannot be forced to mean 4.5 billion years

3. Everything God did as recorded in scripture had a purpose. There is no Doctrinal purpose for a 4.5byo Earth (or a 13.7 byo universe) in scripture.

4. Science is necessary to explain the OEC view. However science is not a hermeneutic for interpreting scripture. Science is not a principle of interpretation, therefore science is not required in interpreting Genesis or any other potion of scripture - Understanding this is key to the above challenge!

Because of the above 4 reasons I believe the OEC view should not be considered Biblical or part of the Christian worldview.

The above does in no way challenge the authenticity of the faith & salvation of those who hold the OEC view.